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And the crucial place of art in everyone's life—in every culture!

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"All beauty is a making one of opposites, and the making one of
opposites is what we are going after in ourselves."— Eli Siegel

Aesthetic Realism and the Explanation of Beauty in World Art

Universal opposites, including freedom and order, anger and pleasure, repose and energy, selfishness and altruism are in turmoil in every human, including oneself. Does, as Aesthetic Realism says, the art of a people make sense of these opposites, and more? Is that what makes it beautiful? Is beauty, as Aesthetic Realism shows, a thing; an object; a fact? I have definitely seen the answer is Yes! Samples are in the following pubications:

"Aesthetic Realism, Art, & Anthropology: Or, Justice to People" by Marcia Rackow and Arnold Perey 

From A. Perey Doctoral Thesis:  1. The Opposites in Art   2. Art and the Organization of Society

Many anthropologists have observed that opposites are put together in "primitive" art and mythology in particular objects of art and particular myths, and sometimes it has been observed that inner turmoil is assuaged by particular works of art or particular rituals, but it has not been said that the central purpose of culture is to solve this aesthetic problem....
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What Are Children's Minds Waiting For?  In The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known

Contains statements about Inuit art and its relation to education and life not only in the Arctic but amongst the ordinary American in the lower 48.... >> read more


Articles explaining, criticizing, opposing, and changing racism through the knowledge of Aesthetic Realism, have been printed across the country and online. THE ART WAY OF SEEING OPPOSES THE CONTEMPT THAT DRIVES EVERY INSTANCE OF RACISM.