Through Study of Aesthetic Realism
Men and Women Learn a Fair Way of Seeing Each Other

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"All Aboard" -- Photograph by Edward Steichen, 1934
Formal lovemaking in highland Papua New Guinea (From "The Family of Man"
Photograph by Edward Weston

bullet Idealism and Practicality: How Can a Man Have Both?

Includes a discussion of the great anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski and his Diary in the Strict Sense of the Word.

Originally presented in an Aesthetic Realism Foundation seminar, October 2005, this paper explains the division in a person between being "practical" and "idealistic" and how Malinowski went after solving that division in his anthropological functionalism.

bulletGood Nature & Ill Nature in a Man: What Are They & Which Is Intelligent?

What a study of ethics in people as such!--As you can see in folk literature from Africa, Europe, and India!

bullet What Big Mistakes Do Even Smart Men Make?

"Maliane and the Water Snake" is a traditional story of the Basotho people of Southern Africa. We see how eminently relevant it is to men today, as I discuss my own life and one particular, important Aesthetic Realism consultation of a man of this time.

bulletHow Much Feeling—and What Kind—Should a Man Have?

The Yanomami people of the rainforests of Brazil and Venezuala, a vibrant population with an ancient heritage, call themselves The FIerce People. Much has been written, particularly by Napoleon Chagnon, about this rainforest population, and in too much of this writing they have been looked on with contempt, have been robbed of the humanity that they have, the humanity that shows they are our kin. The big exception is the memoir of Helena Valero, translated by the Italian anthropologist Ettore Biocca, titled Yanoama.

How much feeling should a man have? -- and what kind of feeling? -- including what he feels about a woman? --These are unspoken but very urgent questions for men today, whether in America, France, Germany, or India--or among "The Fierce People" in rainforests of South America.

In this paper I discuss my life, and what we can learn from the Yanoama about emotion and justice. It is largely through the life of Fusiwe, a Head Man as he is described by Helena Valero who knew him, married him. She wrote a remarkable and wonderful memoir. It speaks volumes about men of the US and elsewhere, in the light of what Aesthetic Realism explains about men and women. In three parts: Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3

bulletWhat Makes a Man's Life Large or Small?

The Life of Charles Darwin, a man who chose to have a life of large thought and great courage--what does his choice say about men today, and what we want? In two parts.
Part 1  | Part 2

bulletAbout the Ethical Unconscious 

The nearly universal myth of the flood--what does it tell us about the ethics of all humanity, crossing all cultural divides & differences? Here we discuss not only anthropology but the very self of the anthropologist and the people he or she studies.