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"A true and needed philosophy," say teachers, artists, scholars.

Writers, scholars, teachers, and artists speak enthusiastically about Aesthetic Realism, the philosophy founded by Eli Siegel. Some are listed on this page. Many other sources are available too.

It is very necessary to present honest writing about this important philosophy. It has been lied about on the Internet shamelessly, by a few persons on a smear campaign. Of course everyone by now is aware that the Web is frequently used this way. Even so, I feel responsible for doing my part to make clear the difference between these lies and the truth. An excellent source that gives documentation for major lies and refutes them soundly (with names, dates, and quotes) is Friends of Aesthetic Realism—Countering the Lies.

• For a first-hand explanation of Aesthetic Realism as philosophy read the excerpt from Eli Siegel's own writing in the preface to his book Self and World: An Explanation of Aesthetic Realism. It's on the Aesthetic Realism Foundation's website.

• Also see the Aesthetic Realism Online Library. It's a rich source of articles, poems, reviews, lectures, and TRO—the international periodical of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation. You'll see essays about Aesthetic Realism, including the amazing essay "The Ordinary Doom"; enthusiastic reviews of books by Eli Siegel in the press, reviews he wrote of books as they came out in the 1930s, and much more. It's a "one-stop source."

• Now here is some of the honest—and honestly enthusiastic—writing I have been talking about:

ornament for Aesthetic Realism and AnthropologyProfessor Edward Green. Articles by noted music educator & prize-winning composer

...Also see University of Graz, Austria: "Aesthetic Realism: A new foundation for interdisciplinary musicology."

And see the review of Michael Tenzer's Gamelan Gong Kebyar: the Art of Twentieth-Century Balinese Music where Prof. Green writes:

"Through the on-going impact of Aesthetic Realism, and of its intellectual allies, a new scholarly orientation is emerging..." [Journal of Music and Meaning vol. 2]

ornament for Aesthetic Realism and AnthropologyPrize-winning filmmaker Ken Kimmelman, See, for example, the storyboard of his Emmy award- winning anti-prejudice film, "The Heart Knows Better," based on Aesthetic Realism.

Read passages from Arnold Perey's doctoral dissertation, sponsored by Margaret Mead, based on Aesthetic Realism.

ornament for Aesthetic Realism and AnthropologyInternational periodical, The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, edited by Ellen Reiss, the Class Chairman of Aesthetic Realism, containing poems, lectures, and essays by Eli Siegel and commentaries by Ms.Reiss. And see the important article explaining the source of racism by Ellen Reiss in the Philippine Post

See Aesthetic Realism and Eli Siegel in the U.S. Congressional Record Online by Elijah E. Cummings, distinguished former Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus

Further Resources about Aesthetic Realism & Eli Siegel written by persons with first hand knowledge. Represents thought in many fields, including acting, art, sociology, music.

And since you can read lectures given by Eli Siegel online, you'll see the contents of some actual Aesthetic Realism classes.

Aesthetic Realism consultations, given to individuals and taught by three consultants, are hour-long lessons in the personal aspect of Aesthetic Realism. Read about them here.

Read These Two Sources for an Introduction to the Aesthetic Realism Understanding of Anthropology

The Place of Aesthetics in Social and Cultural Anthropology

"A New Perspective for American Anthropology"  In: The Anthropologist, University of Delhi, India

Consider the native people of 0kapmin, New Guinea....Do they have two opposite attitudes to the world—that it has been kind to them and the gods have been good, and also that it has rooked them? Have they hundreds of possibilities of being pleased and angry?


New novel by Arnold Perey anthropologist and Aesthetic Realism consultant.

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