Aesthetic Realism
A New Perspective for Anthropology & Sociology

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Aesthetic Opposites in Social Organization—
An Aesthetic Realism Discussion of Oksapmin, Papua New Guinea

Chapter 3 of
Oksapmin Society and World View
Dissertation for Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

by Arnold Perey, Ph.D., 
Columbia University, 1973

1. Introduction 2008

2. Kin and Non-kin Both Matter

3. Social Terminology (Including Kin Terms)

4. Marriage and Household, Quantitatively

5. Combining Data and Emotion to Get Greater Accuracy

6. First Event: Killing and Cooking a Pig

7. Second Event: A Marriage

8. Third Event: Warfare

9. OKSAPMIN AS A WHOLE: Or, a Mobile Oneness of Part and Whole

10. Appendix IV. Raw Data on Which Conclusions are Based

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