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    Book 1  The Meeting   

    Gwe Is Born   
    The Attack  
    Five Years Later   
    The Sacred Tree   
    A Patrol Post Near Home Valley   
    In New York City   
    The Unknown Is Friendly   
    Alan Comes to New Guinea  
    Hope and Fear on the Road   
    The Land of New Guinea   
    The Progress of Friends   
    Equality & Difference 
    Old and New   
    Sameness and Difference   
    The New Boy and the Cassowary   
    Harmony and Dissonance   
    Four Different Voices on the Telephone   
    The Flight   
    Meeting at the Patrol Post
    The Cold and Hot Places   
    Leaving the Patrol Post   
    On to Home Valley!   
    Gwe’s Impressions   
    At the Rest House   
    At the Rest House & Culture Shock   
    Gwe Comes Home   
    Sunset and a Poem   
    Inside the Family Home   
    Father of Gwe   
    Alan Hull   
    Field Work Counterpoint, 1   
    Field Work Counterpoint, 2   
    Morning and Thought   
    A Story of Famine   
    Yug-wek-kek & a Shaman Visit   
    Bettiana’s Story 
    Namgas’ Story   
    Bettiana Returns 
    Namgas Returns   
    Itulieng’s Philosophic Thoughts
Book 3 The Fist and Caress of Reality   
    Good and Bad, What Are They?   
    The Centipede Incident   
    Sangguma and Death   
    The "Devil’s Arrow"   
    Itulieng Becomes a Carried Man   
    In the Missionaries’ Dining Room   
    Sick In the Mission Clinic   
    Gwe in Love 
Lost Labor   
A Sacred Object for Sale   
Accused of Sorcery   
The Opposites in a Family   
Do Pigs Scream?   
Fighting for Liver    
Death is Debated   
Yug-wek-kek’s Nightmare   
Battle in the Tall Grass   
Feeding the Dog of the Underworld   
Saying Goodbye 
Rainbow in the Valley
Rainbow inValley, Papua New Guinea

Wepil of Divana
Wepil of Divanap

Mountain Ok Settlement
Mountain Ok Settlement, "High Divanna"

Images from Papua New Guinea. Photographs © by Arnold Perey.


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Anti-Racism Resources:

See articles by writers whom I esteem. Writing by Ellen Reiss includes her "Difference and Sameness: The Human Question" and "Racism Can End."

Nancy Huntting is represented by her "On Racism & How to End It".

See Allan Michael's "It Is In Contempt That the Root of Racism Lies" and Alice Bernstein's book, Aesthetic Realism and the Answer to Racism.

Depsin, father of Abineng of the Mountain Ok
Depsin of the Mountain Ok region.


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