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Taught by Arnold Perey
Aesthetic Realism Foundation • Spring 2008

January 23     The Scientific Concept of Contempt

The difference between what a thing deserves and what a person gives it, explained Eli Siegel, is one definition of contempt. The contempt principle is new to the social sciences and necessary in order to understand anthropology & oneself.

February 6    Liking the World: The Evidence from Anthropology

The thing that makes human selves different from other life forms is seeing and caring for the world’s structure of opposites, and showing this in art, science, and in language itself.

Saturday February 23    Selves and World in a Great Museum

Anthropology class joins THE VISUAL ARTS AND THE OPPOSITES class at the Museum of Natural History (Central Park West @ 79 th - 81 st Street) at 11 AM.

March 5    Equality, What Is It?

Looking at tribal cultures in Africa, America, and elsewhere—& wealth inequities in the U.S. today—we ask, “What is equality, really?”

March 19    Good and Apparent Good

When Hamlet questioned the apparent good of avenging his father, did he stand for the best in a human self—in Africa, Asia, Oceania, or Manhattan?

April 2    Selfishness: the One Thing Seen As Evil in Cultures Worldwide

From the Wall Street Journal: “Trader Made Billions on Subprime. John Paulson Bet Big on Drop in Housing Values” (1.15.08).

April 16   •   The Organizing Principle Is Always Aesthetic

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Aesthetic Realism, the philosophy founded by Eli Siegel in 1941, is taught in classes, public seminars and presentations, and individual consultations at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation in New York City; as well as by speaking engagements nationwide and telephone consultations. The Class Chairman, Ellen Reiss, teaches the classes for Aesthetic Realism associates and consultants which I attend. As I write today I am proud to say that I am a consultant on the Foundation's faculty. I teach anthropology and teacher education workshops and I am an instructor in consultations, which teach a person the aesthetic way of seeing the world and themselves.  Links are provided below so you can find out more.


See the page titled " How Aesthetic Realism Opposes Racism." The practical and deep articles on the Web include, too, "On Racism & How to End It" by Nancy Huntting; Allan Michael's "It Is In Contempt That the Root of Racism Lies"; Alice Bernstein's "Poems by Eli Siegel about Martin Luther King and America" and the book she edited: Aesthetic Realism and the Answer to Racism. Other articles include, "The Genome & Equality""Words, Truth, & the Confederate Flag"; "Fascism, Understood At Last!"; "Aesthetic Realism: The Solution to Racism""Contempt, the Cause of Racism""Queen's Visit to Amritsar" by Christopher Balchin. And articles by New York teachers who show how the standard curriculum, K-12, can be used to encourage kindness include: "Prejudice Changes to Respect" and "Students Learn, Prejudice Is Defeated!"

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