Aesthetic Realism
A New Perspective for Anthropology & Sociology


Taught by Arnold Perey
6:00 PM alternate Wednesdays

Aesthetic Realism Foundation • Autumn 2007

See Aesthetic Realism and People by Eli Siegel in The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, issues no. 606-611.

1.  Sept 26    The Culture of the Earliest Tribes—Is It Still in You?

2.  Oct 10      War Dance, Cradle Song, & the Opposites in Native American Music

bulletTo hear war dance click here bullet

3.   Oct 24     African Ethnography—What Can We Learn for Our Own Lives?

As we study traditions in early Africa we become surer about love, anger, trust, & responsiveness in our lives right now.

4.  Nov 7      Women, Men, and Love in Folklore & This Day’s News

5.  Nov 21    Kindness, How Deep in a Person! The Evidence from Evolution

If we’re kind, are we strong? The whole history of evolution says we are. A different way of seeing “the survival of the fittest.” Includes Darwin’s Lost Theory of Love by David Loye.

6.  Dec 8 , SATURDAY    Anthropology at the Met

We meet with The Visual Arts and the Opposites Class, taught by Marcia Rackow, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art at 11 AM.

7.  Dec 19    Seeing Meaning in a Culture Different From Yours

Students speak on a custom from another culture. Do you see more meaning in this culture and your own as you see the aesthetic opposites in this custom?

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Aesthetic Realism, the philosophy founded by Eli Siegel in 1941, is taught in classes, public seminars and presentations, and individual consultations at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation in New York City; as well as by speaking engagements nationwide and telephone consultations. The Class Chairman, Ellen Reiss, teaches the classes for Aesthetic Realism associates and consultants which I attend. As I write today I am proud to say that I am a consultant on the Foundation's faculty. I teach anthropology and teacher education workshops and I am an instructor in consultations, which teach a person the aesthetic way of seeing the world and themselves.  Links are provided below so you can find out more.

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